Demo 2k16


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released November 14, 2016

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Derick Goodson
Album art by Kathleen Gutierrez
Logo by Mitch Snyder and Shaun Harris



all rights reserved


THE TRUTH INHC Gary, Indiana

Indiana Hardcore

Kyle Middleton - Vocals
Nathan Cox- Guitar
Taylor Stokes - Guitar
Greg Negrete - Bass
Anthony Rodriguez - Drums

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Track Name: Numb
I've spent nights with demons tryna pull me under
no sight no soul
feels like I'm losing control.
I can't repeat those things that I've seen.

No sight no soul
feels like I'm losing control

I'm being pulled deep underneath the tide. It's getting hard to bite my tongue each time you tell a lie.
The mask you keep
You keep all these things from me
I'm losing sleep
but i can't seem to fucking find

The things / I need
To feel / Complete
My body Is weak
My soul Has no peace

I'll carry you into the sea
If I'm going down
you're going with me

I'm falling deeper
I've never been here before
Don't bother trying
I can't be saved anymore

No peace no fucking remorse
It's hard to breathe with the devil at your front door

I can't breathe, I'm losing sleep
And I'm losing consciousness
Everytime I try to speak
A bad seed, that formed me
I'm trying hard to change the man I used to be

I've lost all feeling (I'm numb)
Track Name: Cursed
The times have changed but I still feel the pain my blood is running cold through my fucking veins

I'm tired
And I'm sick of this
All of these problems
I need to end this shit

I've dealt with the worst
Lost in the dirt of this earth

I know I'm suffering and it's evident
I do this to my self
I'm a glutton for punishment

Death keeps following me

My life has lost all meaning
And it's a fucking shame
I'm blessed at being cursed
I'll always feel the same
Why... Even... Try
How am I still alive
Its so hard for me to die